Designer Furniture, Floor Mirrors + Rugs (Pre-Order)


  • The products in this category are available for direct delivery from the supplier's warehouse to your nominated address.
  • They are not on display in our Ramsgate (Sydney) showroom.
  • We can organise showroom visits with Sydney suppliers to view products. Please call us on 02 90450937 or email to discuss.
  • Each listing will have a date of availability/dispatch which is approximate and subject to change. Please read all information carefully prior to purchasing.
  • A flat rate delivery fee is applicable depending on the delivery location. 
    • $175 for deliveries to NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland
    • $245 for deliveries to South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia
  • All deliveries will be organised by the dispatching warehouse using their preferred carrier. The warehouse will provide us with a tracking number and an estimated date of delivery. They will contact the recipient of the order directly to organise the delivery. 

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